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Looking to upgrade your computer system for work, home or play? Let PVA Tech give you a hand. We can custom-build a desktop computer system tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Why should you consider a custom computer built by PVA Tech over a big company like HP, Dell or Apple? Here are some of the benefits of buying from PVA Tech over the competition.

One thing a lot of people overlook is the value of support. Good support is the only thing standing between your productivity and your computer being down. Whenever something goes wrong with your computer, would you rather wait on hold for an hour and not get your questions answered thoroughly, or call a local tech directly and get your questions answered in a timely matter? Even better—when that part needs replacement, would you rather send your computer in to the manufacturer, pay to ship it, then be computer-less for a month? This is something you will never run into when dealing with PVA Tech.

Here at PVA, we can build better-quality computers than any big manufacturer. Our computers last longer, run faster and stay cooler.

Upgrade Potential
When buying from a manufacturer, there is little you can do in regard to system upgrades. Most of the time the hardware is proprietary and leaves little to no room for part upgrades. This is a horrible design flaw and a poor investment. Gone are the days of replacing your computer once every three years. Your computers can last up 6 years depending on the original build design. 

Most of the time manufacturers can sell a computer system for a ridiculously low price. Don't be fooled; you get what you pay for. At PVA Tech, we offer the BEST cost-to-value ratio when buying a computer. That means you will get the best bang for your buck.

Repairs costs
In the unfortunate event that a component in your system fails, the cost to repair that part is very low compared to the competition.
No Bloatware
It is extremely annoying to buy a system from a big manufacturer and having to sort through all the unnecessary programs and services installed on the computer. We call these programs “bloatware.” They literally bloat your computer and slow it down from the start. When buying from 
PVA Tech, your computer is just your computer and nothing more. It comes with everything it needs to work correctly; no clean up is required. 

We can build any type of computer that will meet your life demands. Some of the different computer builds are for business, graphic design, gaming, video and audio production, home theater and media servers. PVA Tech knows what is required to assemble these different types of systems. You will be getting exactly what you need and nothing more (unless you ask).

One thing that is really lacking in the desktop computer environment is computer personalization. We can add the personal touch to your system that allows you to express yourself and make your system stand out from the others.